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Welp! Got tagged by Stjarnamenne~!
Let's do this >83

1. She has a close relationship with her BCBFF Hope. That's "Best Cousin Best Friend Forever", if you were wondering~
They love to go out together much like their mothers do, sharing in their nerdy interests like 'Power Ponies' and 'Revolutionary Mare Utena'. They even have their own greeting with each other!

2. Thanks to their mothers, Stella and Starswirl have been bonded at the hip throughout their lives. They've grown up together in the castle and consider each other an honorary sibling. Adding Flare to the mix made them a terrible trio that terrorized poor Uncle Spike.

3. Stella has a close bond to her "Auntie" Luna, being her student of the night. They share a sleep schedule much to Twilight's chagrin, and they always have royal retreats to the Luna Bay just outside of Vanhoover during the full moon. Why? Because Luna can show her to the constellations...*

4. She considers herself to have a huge family, both by blood and by honor. She loves her family and will do anything to protect them.

5. She has a (in her words) horrid addiction to jelly donuts that she tries to curb as much as possible. She always asks for a healthier muffin to have with her coffee, but when she's down in the dumps, a big jelly donut will lift her spirits right up. Helps that her friend Marz is a wonderful baker..~

6. While being a momma's girl, she loves to spend time with her father Flash. One of their favorite things to do together is play music, him teaching her the guitar.

7. She's more of an introvert compared to others, but can and will go out and socialize. She just has a "social battery" that needs recharging every now and then. When the battery is low, she'll take some time to herself to pamper her body and mind while staying indoors. 

8. To continue the previous fact, these pamper days help with her anxiety as well. When things start to pile on, she'll step away from everything to relax. Otherwise....eheh. 

*I don't like doing this, but both artists have deactivated their accounts QAQ
While I plan to make my own, these are the two pics that inspired me long ago for this headcanon:
Taming the Cosmos by Paradise-Wonder
Dancing with the Stars by Modern-Warmare

I tag:
kilalaaa Morning Star
Lopoddity Penny (Pixie Pinwheel)
Pikokko Moonbeam
Tambelon Creme Brulee
dark-dragmon Apple Rose
IceDragonQueen22 Pen Blade


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New Hair! 2017 by Faith-WolffAfter 5 years straight of not going to a salon, I finally went and got bangs!!
(as well as a good chunk of my hair getting cut, holy shazbaht)
I'm SO SO happy with these! QWQ I just...I feel like a little puzzle piece fell into place? Like, that this was a missing piece of how I wanted to look on the outside?

I just feel so confident now! QWQ
Things I want to do with my appearance that I'm currently too broke/nervous to do:
-Get bangs and have them be dyed blue-green-yellow (or just green works too)
-Get a heart tattoo on my upper arm/shoulder (maybe two, one on each side)
-Get a side-shave (nothing huge tho. this video shows how I'd want it)

Random post is random, I know XD
So I've hit over 1,000,000 pageviews....owo
Holy shiznit????

Thank you guys so much! QWQ
I might make something to commemorate the occasion, but I'm not sure as to what it'd be yet.
But thank you all again~!


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Have an awesome Easter Weekend.

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Spike is a rebirth dragon, and since The Mane 6 died, Spike gave rebirth to his six friends as dragons. Their names are Ammolite Streak (Rainbow Dash), Rubelite "Ruby" Puff (Pinkamena Diane "Pinkie" Pie), Ametrine (Rarity), Fire Blossom (Fluttershy), Emerald Apple (Applejack), and Starry Iolite (Twilight Sparkle).
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Hey Faith! How's one of my favorite DA people of all time?
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