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Swiped from Vaniije

a – age: 21

b – biggest fear: Death
c – current time: 9:59 pm
d – drink you last had or are having: Diet Pepsi~
e – easiest person to talk to: All my buddies
f – favorite song: Anything that suits my mood owo
g – ghosts, are they real?: Maybe?
h – heritage: Uhm.....I'm not sure if I have one oxo
i – in love with: tarbano~
j - jealous of: I try not to be like this ;w;
k – killed someone?: i'm soRRY??
l – last time you cried?: A week ago, perhaps?
m – middle name: Alexis
n – number of siblings: None
o – one wish: To have a happy life
p – person who you last called: tarbano, I think?
q – question you’re always asked: "Are you always this chipper?" at work XD
r – reason to smile: My love, my friends, my family uwu
s – song last sang: Hello by Adele
t – time you woke up: 12:00 pm
u – underwear color: Purple
v – vacation destination: Floridaaaaaa
w – worst habit: Eating too many sweets. *nomming cake right now*
x – x-rays you’ve had: Two perhaps?
y – your favorite food: Don't make me pick TwT
z – zodiac sign: Capricorn


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I keep wanting to update Gentle Heart.
I keep wanting to try and add in other animal-like traits to her.
Or like....I keep juggling Draconequus and Changeling around in my head.
But at the same time I like Gentle as is.

Cause I know a Draco can allow me to add things like bunny, sheep, pony, cat(s), etc to the design and it make some sort of sense.

At the same time a Changeling would be easy cause I could have any form I want and it still be canon......but others have done it and I don't wanna take the uniqueness away.

I tried to make GH a pony-sheep hybrid, actually. But it wasn't coming out the way I wanted it so I scrapped it.


Maybe I can make two alt. sonas? A Draco and a Changeling?
So I've hit over 1,000,000 pageviews....owo
Holy shiznit????

Thank you guys so much! QWQ
I might make something to commemorate the occasion, but I'm not sure as to what it'd be yet.
But thank you all again~!
Hey my fellow SU fans!!
Got a favor to ask you guys.
Anyone got Jasper OCs that you'd like to get (possibly) featured in a backstory comic?
If so, link them to me in this status!
Just one per person please~!

Note: I cannot take every single Jasper shown to me. If I do not pick your Jasper, it is nothing against you or your character, the spots just got filled and/or I have a Jasper of that type already and needed some diversity.


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Utauloidfanstar1 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Student Artist
I gave a llama badge, just something I've wanted to do for a while, because your art is just that amazing!! Keep it up!
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Isaacholt Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey, you do point commission too, right?
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FlyingLimes Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
Hey. Hey towel.
Guess what I'm getting dragged into. Willingly.

Certain game series.

Kingdom hearts.
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KrisAlmighty Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Student Writer
Hey, I know you probably get tons of these in a week, but I was wondering if you'd be willing to take a short questioner? It's for a little social study I'm conducting within the MLP fan art community, and I'd love your input.

If you're interested I'll note you the questions. There's only four, so it wouldn't take much time at all.

Thanks for reading, hope this manages to catch your attention.
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dark-dragmon Featured By Owner Edited Jan 27, 2017
 Why does yo bio still say 'I am a 20 year old girl' when you're 21 brah
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