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Hey all, Faith here.

This journal is being written to mainly try and calm some things, explain some things, and apologize with my Next Gen. ^^;

To start off, I want to apologize. I understand that being inconsistent/always changing things can be annoying and disheartening. Be it ships, designs, characters, or parents. Once is passable, twice is meh, but anymore and I understand the irritation and negativity. 

How can people follow the characters if I keep changing things every few months? All the artists that generously draw fanart, only for me to change the design of the character they drew? Changing the parents of the characters due to a new episode?

And...I just want to honestly apologize to you all. uxu

I'm a picky person when it comes to my own work, and when I find something that can better my Next Gen in my eyes, I want to implement it. The beginning of this Next Gen was an unsure time. I was testing the waters, and I was going with all the ships that I thought I shipped. Carajack and Rarilane were two ships that were placeholders. For AJ, it was due to a lack of another stallion. For Rarity, it was that I couldn't think of a way to put her with Blueblood at the time, and I didn't ship her with Spike. When I was given a good headcanon and reason to ship Rariblood, I went for it. When I saw Troubleshoes in the new episode, I tried to wait this time and let you all decide, and Troubleshoes was the unanimous pick. 

The same goes for character designs. I won't lie, I went design-crazy early on in my Next Gen, hence the giant cut. 

Now, I'm not saying that every change has been received poorly. Shoot, only a small percent have been received negatively. One prime example of a positive reaction was with Enigma's redesign, along with Aria and Elatha's creation and Kujira's inclusion. 

For the few negative backlashes, I just wanna explain and apologize as to why these things happen, and why it may or may not happen again. I want to bring you all the best; Give you guys something good and thought out in return for you all liking my work and following me. You all are great, and I never like it when a decision I make turns out to make some people upset. I know I can't please everyone, but just know that when I make changes, it's in the best interest that I can manage.

For those disappointed lately, I thank you for still sticking with me ;w; I hope that any future changes don't further upset you all. But if they do, I understand if you want to leave and move on.

Erg, I pray this isn't coming off as over-dramatic/too serious >x<
This has just been on my mind for a while.

Until next time~

Edit: Just a note, I'm not upset at all and am not trying to guilt anyone! I'm just wanting to reach an understanding? Explain my side of things? Gah words. ^^;
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Hiya, Faith! I just wanted to say that I just love your work on Tarbtano's The Bridge.  Keep up the good work! 
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RAINBOW DASH AND SOARIN!!!!!!!! (babies)
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You've probably already answered this somewhere, But I'm really curious.

What art program do you use?
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Hi Faith. How are you?
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Hey Faith, I finally got a new tablet and paint program so I'm drawing again. I wanted you to know that you inspired me to create my own Gemsona, and I'd very much like your opinion on him.
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What could happen if Godzilla Jr. met 2014 Godzilla?
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Hey there. How have you been?
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