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Originally started by kilala97

Many of you asked for a timeline, so, I finally sat down to figure out the beginning. Since my Next Gen is still a WIP, the list will be small at the start, really only covering everyone's birth, big events, and relationships. Once I can build my Next Gen up, this list will be updated with more details. I'm also gonna include events that happen to my Next Gen's parents (aka the First Gen).

:bulletgreen: = Birth  :bulletblack: = Death  :bulletorange: = Event  :bulletred: = Relationship Begins  :bulletblue: = Relationship Ends  :bulletpurple: = Marriage  * = 1 year

:bulletorange: The Reflections arc happens, Aria is conceived
:bulletgreen: Aria is born 9-11 months later
:bulletgreen: Enigma is created a few hours later for Aria and Celestia
:bulletorange::bulletpurple: Luna and Kujira reunite and marry
:bulletorange: Trixie has her adventure with Sombra, finally destroying his darkness and managing to help him gain a pure pony form
:bulletgreen: Hope is born
:bulletpurple: Trixie and "Umbra" marry
:bulletgreen: Topaz is born
:bulletgreen: Aperture Trim is born
:bulletgreen: Elatha is born
:bulletgreen: Strawberry Marscarpone Sandwich is born
:bulletgreen: Jessant de Lis is born
:bulletgreen: Eclipse Lulamoon is born
:bulletgreen: Honeycrisp Apple is born
:bulletgreen: Peach Winnimere Pie and Banana Toffee Split are born
:bulletgreen: Applebee is born
:bulletgreen: Thunder Clap is born
:bulletgreen: Lightning Bolt is born
:bulletgreen: Stella Nova is born
:bulletgreen: Flare Sparks is born in the EG universe
:bulletorange: Topaz (3) meets Aria (5) and Elatha (3) during a picnic with their families, and they become instant friends.
:bulletgreen: Phoenix Blitz is born
:bulletgreen: Crispin Cider is born
:bulletorange: Topaz (4) becomes friends with Aperture Trim (4) and Jessant de Lis (3)
:bulletorange::bulletblack: EG Flash Sentry dies in an accident
:bulletorange: Sunset takes Flare (2) into Equestria with Twilight's assistance
:bulletorange: Enigma (7) and Peachy Pie (4) meet at Enigma's birthday party 
:bulletgreen: Evening Glow is born
:bulletorange: Stella (6) and Marz (8) start to learn magic from Twilight
:bulletorange: Crispin (5) gets his scar from a Timberwolf
:bulletorange: Rarity begins to make frequent trips to Ponyville due to missing her friends, bringing Topaz (9) with her. This leads to him befriending Stella (7), Marz (9), Applebee(7), Honeycrisp (8), and Lightning (7). He continues this trend as he gets older
:bulletorange: Flare (7) meets Phoenix (6) one day while cloudwatching.
:bulletorange: Lightning (8) begins his rivalry with Phoenix (7)
:bulletgreen: Artemis is born
:bulletgreen: Aquamarine is born
:bulletgreen: Peanut Butter Cup and Jelly Marie Doughnut are born
:bulletgreen: Skyla is born
:bulletgreen: Rose Quartz is born
:bulletgreen: Cameo Apple is born
:bulletgreen: Dusk is born
:bulletgreen: Arcade is born
:bulletgreen: Butterscotch Shell is born
:bulletred: Enigma (16) asks Peachy Pie (13) out
:bulletorange: Stella (13) begins her rivalry with Eclipse (14)
:bulletred: Phoenix Blitz (13) and Aperture (16) start dating
:bulletblue: Aperture (17) finds out that Phoenix (14) only dated him under her mother's guidance (wanted Phoenix to raise her own image through Aperture's status). Heartbroken and angry, he ends their relationship
:bulletorange: Elatha starts to experience nightmares, her dream powers beginning to bloom
:bulletorange: Aria (20) and Elatha (18) ascend to alicorns in a puberty-like fashion
:bulletorange: Elatha begins to sense that her mother and aunt are suffering from nightmares...
:bulletorange: Aperture (18) gets a modeling gig in Prance for the next year, and departs
:bulletorange: Topaz (18) moves to Ponyville
:bulletorange: Topaz (18) continues to make trips, but this time it's to Canterlot. Jess (17) comes with him on occasion due to being lonely, and thus begins to meet Stella (16), Marz (18), Applebee (16), Lightning (16), and Honeycrisp (17), becoming fast friends with them
:bulletorange: The new CMC is formed by Cameo (6), Dusk (6), and Arcade (5)
:bulletorange: Stella (17) meets Flare (17), and after a time warms up to the idea of being her half sister. Flare and her mother Sunset move into the castle.
:bulletorange: Aperture (19) returns to Canterlot and reunites with Jess (18), soon meeting Jess's ponyville friends
:bulletorange: Phoenix (16) comes to Ponyville, reuniting with Flare (17), and is introduced to Flare's friends and sister. Lightning (17) is not happy with this development.


Note: This Timeline will be a WIP. Some events will be added between others, some could very well be deleted. 

Hope you like it so far~!
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